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Transcription of this question: A molecule of citric acid, C6HE07, is shown.HOThe equation for the first dissociation of citric acid in water is(a)(ii)C6HE07 (aq) + H20(l) CEH70A(aq) +Identify a conjugate acid—base pair in the equation.The value of the equilibrium constant for the first dissociation at 298K is 5.01 x 10-4State, giving a reason, the strength of citric acid.(iii)The dissociation of citric acid is an endothermic process. State the effect on thehydrogen ion concentration, [H*], and on the equilibrium constant, of increasingthe temperature.Effect on[2]Effect on equilibrium constant(b)Outline one laboratory method of distinguishing between solutions of citric acid andhydrochloric acid of equal concentration, stating the expected observations.

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