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Transcription of this question: Both vinegar (a dilute aqueous solution of ethanoic acid) and bleach are used as cleaningagents.(a)(b)(c)Outline why ethanoic acid is classified as a weak acid.A solution of bleach can be made by reacting chlorine gas with a sodium hydroxide solution.C12(g) + 2NaOH(aq) NaOCl (aq) + NaC1 (aq) + (l)Suggest, with reference to Le Chåtelier’s principle, why it is dangerous to mix vinegarand bleach together as cleaners.Bleach reacts with ammonia, also used as a cleaning agent, to produce the poisonouscompound chloramine, NH2Cl.(i) Draw a Lewis (electron dot) structure of chloramine.(ii) Deduce the molecular geometry of chloramine and estimate its H—N—H bond angle. [2]Molecular geometry:H—N—H bond angle:

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