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Transcription of this question: 5.Carbonated water is produced when carbon dioxide is dissolved in water under pressure.The following equilibria are established.Equilibrium (1)Equilibrium (2)H20 (l)) C02C02 (aq) + H20 (l) H* (aq) + HC03- (aq)(a) Carbon dioxide acts as a weak acid.(i) Distinguish between a weak and strong acid.Weak acid:Strong acid:(ii)(Ill)The hydrogencarbonate ion, produced in Equilibrium (2), can also act as an acid.State the formula of its conjugate base.When a bottle of carbonated water is opened, these equilibria are disturbed.State, giving a reason, how a decrease in pressure affects the position ofEquilibrium (1).(b)Soda water has sodium hydrogencarbonate, NaHC03, dissolved in the carbonated water.0)(ii)Predict, referring to Equilibrium (2), how the added sodium hydrogencarbonateaffects the PH. (Assume pressure and temperature remain constant.)100.0cm3 of soda water contains 3.0 x 10-2g NaHC03.Calculate the concentration of NaHC03 in mol dm-3[2][2](iii) Identify the type of bonding in sodium hydrogencarbonate.Between sodium and hydrogencarbonate:Between hydrogen and oxygen in hydrogencarbonate:[2]

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