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Transcription of this question: Bromine can form the bromate(V) ion, Br03(a)(b)0)(ii)State the electron configuration of a bromine atom.Sketch the orbital diagram of the valence shell of a bromine atom (ground state)on the energy axis provided. Use boxes to represent orbitals and arrows torepresent electrons.Draw the Lewis (electron dot) structure for Br03- that obeys the octet rule.(c) Predict, using the VSEPR theory, the geometry of the Bros- ion and the O—Br—O bondangles.Geometry:Reason:O—Br—O angle:(d)0)Bromate(V) ions act as oxidizing agents in acidic conditions to form bromide ions.Deduce the half-equation for this reduction reaction.[2](ii)Bromate(V) ions oxidize iron(ll) ions, Fe2+, to iron(lll) ions, FeDeduce the equation for this redox reaction.

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