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Transcription of this question: 3.Dinitrogen monoxide, NZO, causes depletion of ozone in the stratosphere.(a)(b)0)(ii)Outline why ozone in the stratosphere is important.Dinitrogen monoxide in the stratosphere is converted to nitrogen monoxide, NO (g).Write two equations to show how NO (g) catalyses the decomposition of ozone.[2]Different sources of NZO have different ratios of 14N: 15N.0)(ii)State one analytical technique that could be used to determine the ratioof “N : ISN.A sample of gas was enriched to contain 2% by mass of 15N with the remainderbeing 14N.Calculate the relative molecular mass of the resulting Nzo.[2](iii)Predict, giving two reasons, how the first ionization energy of ISN compares withthat of 14N.[2][2](c) Explain why the first ionization energy of nitrogen is greater than both carbon and oxygen.Nitrogen and carbon:Nitrogen and oxygen:(d)The Lewis (electron dot) structure of the dinitrogen monoxide molecule can berepresented as:0)State what the presence of alternative Lewis structures shows about the nature ofthe bonding in the molecule.(ii) State, giving a reason, the shape of the dinitrogen monoxide molecule.(iii) Deduce the hybridization of the central nitrogen atom in the molecule.

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