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Transcription of this question: 6.This question is about iron.(b)(c)Deduce the full electron configuration of Fe2Explain why, when ligands bond to the iron ion causing the d-orbitals to split, thecomplex is coloured.State the nuclear symbol notation, for iron-54.(d)Mass spectrometry analysis of a sample of iron gave the following results:% abundanceFe-545.84Fe-5691.68Fe-572.17Fe-580.31Calculate the relative atomic mass, Ar, of this sample of iron to two decimal places.An iron nail and a copper nail are inserted into a lemon.CoppernailLemonIronnailExplain why a potential is detected when the nails are connected through a voltmeter.(ii )Calculate the standard electrode potential, in V, when the Fe2+(aq) I Fe(s) andCu2+(aq) I Cu (s) standard half-cells are connected at 298K. Use section 24 ofthe data booklet.Calculate AGe, in kJ, for the spontaneous reaction in (f)(i), using sections 1 and 2of the data booklet.(iii) Calculate a value for the equilibrium constant, at 298K, giving your answer totwo significant figures. Use your answer to (f)(ii) and section 1 of the data booklet.(If you did not obtain an answer to (f)(ii), use —140kJmol-l , but this is not thecorrect value.)[2]

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