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Transcription of this question: 3.Mercy Ships (MS)Mercy Ships (MS) is a non-profit organizationthat operates the largest non-governmentalhospital ship in the world: the Africa Mercy. Withthe Africa Mercy, Mercy Ships provides freehealthcare and other medical services.Each year, Mercy Ships undertakes thousands ofsurgical and dental procedures and communityhealth projects. Before the Africa Mercy arrives ata port, Mercy Ships uses brochures aimed at localpeople to promote its services. Mercy Ships alsotreats patients at dental clinics away from the portitself.Everyone on the Africa Mercy is a volunteer. To keep the ship in operation, it requires a staff of400 volunteers, including doctors and nurses as well as chefs, engineers, hair stylists, and manyother people from different professions. People volunteer for varying lengths of time and mustapply for available positions. Mercy Ships volunteers agree to follow a strict code of conduct andalso pay a fee to participate. Volunteers include young people before they begin their professionalmiddle-aged people who want a career break, and older people who want to remain active andmake a difference. All volunteers believe in Mercy Ships’ vision statement to “become the face oflove in action, bringing hope and healing to the poor”.(a)(b)(c)(d)Identify two ways non-profit organizations differ from profit-based organizations.Explain two elements of MS’s marketing mix other than product, price, placeand promotion.Apply one theory of motivation to MS’s volunteers.To what extent does MS face challenges in its workforce planning

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