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Transcription of this question: 4.OneWorldOneWorld is an artistic and cultural centre in England, United Kingdom (I-JK). Founded in 1979,it organizes events, meetings and exhibitions in order to achieve its vision statement: “In ourmulticultural society today, all religious and ethnic communities will know and respect one another”.Last month, for example, it organized celebrations for Diwali (the Indian “festival of lights”), aseries of lectures entitled “IJnity and Diversity” and an exhibition of photographs called “TraditionalChristmas in Poland”. The exhibition proved very popular, especially after it featured in a televisionnews documentary about Polish migrants in England.OneWorld is a non-profit organization with three sources of income:• donations (from sponsors, such as local businesses)sale of tickets to some events (exhibitions are usually free, but OneWorld charges a small feefor the lectures)• funding from the public sector.Each source contributes approximately one third to OneWor/ds income. However, following theglobal economic downturn beginning in 2008, contributions have reduced. In addition, fundingfrom the public sector may disappear after the next govemment elections: one major political partyhas announced funding cuts to artistic and cultural centres. For OneWor/d this change means lessincome, but more independence from the government.The directors of OneWor/d have recently appointed a marketing officer, Rajesh Singh. They gavehim several tasks: formulating marketing objectives for OneWor/d, preparing a promotional mix,developing marketing strategies, and using new forms of social media more effectively. OneWoHdhas a vision statement, but no mission statement. Rajesh first wants to write a mission statementfor One World.(a)(b)(c)(d)Define the term promotional mix.Explain two types of below the line promotion that Rajesh could use for OneWoHd.Formulate a mission statement for OneWor/d.Analyse the role of mission statements and vision statements for an organization suchas OneWor/d.Evaluate the impact of changes in external factors on OneWor/d.[2][2][5]

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