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Transcription of this question: 3.Starvation Peak Running Shoes (SP)Starvation Peak Running Shoes (SP) isa shop that sells running shoes in SantaFe, New Mexico, United States (US). Itsname comes from the local mountain called”Starvation Peak”.SP customers can buy running shoes ata lower price online, but SPhas a uniqueselling point (IJSP) concerning its vision andits local reputation. SPS vision statement is:”Running sustains life, locally and globally”.Starvation Peak, New MexicoSP is very well known locally, as theysupport the local running community in the Santa Fe area. They do so in several ways by:sponsoring “running days” at schoolsgiving discounts to children and studentsoffering “running clinics”, where SP employees help people improve their running techniquesorganizing races and other local events.The biggest event organized by SP is its annual “Race to the Top” on Starvation Peak. Accordingto a local legend, a tribe of Native Americans forced enemies up to the peak, where they diedof hunger (starvation). SP promotes the event with the slogan: “Running sustains life, even onStarvation Peak”. “Race to the Top” has been popular for ten years. However, there are nowconflicts between stakeholders. Local businesses like the event, as it attracts tourists to the area.One pressure group, however, argues that it portrays Native Americans in a negative way. Anotherpressure group argues that the event damages the natural environment of the mountain. The localauthorities managing Starvation Peak have been asked to refuse permission for SPS”Race to the Top”(a)(b)(c)(d)International Baccalaureate Organization 2015]Describe one type of below the line promotion that SP may use to promote its”running clinics”.Explain two reasons why SP supports the local running community.Analyse the role of SPS vision statement.Advise the local authorities as to whether permission for SPS “Race to the Top” shouldbe refused.[2][5]

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