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Transcription of this question: The equations show steps in the formation and decomposition of ozone in the stratosphere,some of which absorb ultraviolet light.Step 1step 2step 3Step 402 20•o. +02->0303 o. +020• + 03 202(a)(b)Draw the Lewis structures of oxygen, 02, and ozone, 03.Outline why both bonds in the ozone molecule are the same length and predict thebond length in the ozone molecule. Refer to section 10 of the data booklet.[2][2]Reason:Length:(c)Predict the bond angle in the ozone molecule.(d)Discuss how the different bond strengths between the oxygen atoms in 02 and 03 inthe ozone layer affect radiation reaching the Earth’s surface.0)(ii)Identify the steps which absorb ultraviolet light.Determine, showing your working, the wavelength, in m, of ultraviolet lightabsorbed by a single molecule in one of these steps. Use sections 1, 2 and 11 ofthe data booklet.[2][2](f)Ozone depletion is catalysed by nitrogen monoxide, NO, which is produced in aircraftand motor vehicle engines, and has the following Lewis structure.44=0)Show how nitrogen monoxide catalyses the decomposition of ozone, includingequations in your answer.[2]

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