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Transcription of this question: 2.Graphing is an important tool in the study of rates of chemical reactions.(a) Sketch a Maxwell—Boltzmann distribution curve for a chemical reaction showing theactivation energies with and without a catalyst.(b)Excess hydrochloric acid is added to lumps of calcium carbonate. The graph showsthe volume of carbon dioxide gas produced over time.0)0TimeSketch a curve on the graph to show the volume of gas produced over time ifthe same mass of crushed calcium carbonate is used instead of lumps. All otherconditions remain constant.State and explain the effect on the rate of reaction if ethanoic acid of the sameconcentration is used in place of hydrochloric acid.[2](c) Outline why pH is more widely used than for measuring relative acidity.(d) Outline why H3P04/HPO,2- is not a conjugate acid-base pair.

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