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Transcription of this question: Solid ConstructionSolid Construction is a new partnership between an experienced project manager and an accountant.Both are keen to venture into the property development market. They intend to build a new hotel tocater for the increasing demand Of commercial businesses in the area. They also expect to profit fromthe high return in the run up to a major global sports event. Currently, the partners do not have enoughfinance for the project and are looking for some possible sources.It is very important that the hotel is ready for use within three years. Most Of the informationgathered by the developers regarding various aspects Of the external environment is based ongovernment publications. The partners are so ambitious to carry out their first project that theyhave ignored some potential problems, such as skilled labour shortages and the possibility Of tramccongestion when the materials are transferred to the building site.The partners Of Solid Construction have identified the various activities required in the planning andbuilding process. These are shown in the table below •Activity(planning andconstruction)Duration(months)101210Preceded by(Question I continued)(a)(b)(c)Identify two advantages and two disadvantages for Solid Constructionresulting from being a partnership.(i)(ii)On the lined paper provided for your answer, construct a fully labellednetwork to represent the activities in the table. Show the earliest startingtime (EST) and the latest finishing time (LFT) for each activity and thecritical path.Calculate the total float and the free float for each activity Comment onthe likely effect on the other activities and the total duration of theproject if:• Activity C is delayed by four months• Activity H is delayed by four months.Analyse two advantages and two disadvantages for Solid Construction Of usingthe critical path analysis model.[4 marks][9 marks][6 marks][6 marks]

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