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Transcription of this question: 3.Changing employment patterns and practicesFollowing concerns about the falling level ofmotivation at work, a recent report by Statistics Finlandwas commissioned and reached the following conclusions:A majority Of employees feel that job satisfaction is an important part of their life.Women see the number and pattern of hours Of work as more important than the level Of pay.Employees who are on long-term contracts are more committed to their work.Employees are more likely to leave their jobs if their employers have taken measures that create afear Of redundancy.Employees are now experiencing more stress at work and spend more time travelling to and fromwork than in previous years.• Many office employees would like to make use Of recent technological advances to work fromhome and to achieve a balance between their work and home life.• Some employees, especially in low paid jobs, seem to resist flexible work practices.Some employers have responded positively by introducing flexible work patterns and practiceswhich eventually, after overcoming some resistance to change and enduring extra costs Ofimplementing the new practices, created organizational flexibility, committed employees and forsome organizations a higher level of profit.Some employers, however, are sceptical Of flexible work patterns and practices given the possibleloss Of control, more difficult coordination or any Other structural changes that may result fromthe changes.(i)(ii)Define the term ædundanc•y.Identify two financial incentives that an organization can use tomotivate employees.(b)(c)(d)Distinguish between three sampling methods that Statistics Finland could haveused to gather the data for the report.Examine the forces that impact on the trend towards offering flexible workpatterns and practices.With reference to one content motivation theory and one process motivationtheory, discuss the effects Of the trend towards offering flexible work patternsand practices on employee motivation.[2 marks][2 marks][6 marks][6 marks][9 marks]

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