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Transcription of this question: 4.PMGPMG is a traditional family engineering firm recently taken over by a major multinationalorganization. The new operations manager, Susie Chen, recently graduated from a business schoolin Taiwan. She is determined to update the organizational structure Of PMG and to introducenew patterns Of production, such as moving from batch to flow production. In particular, Susie isfocusing on:• the development Of flexible project teams• introducing a total quality management culture, including benchmarking and continuousimprovement• computerization Of production, administration and communication systems.Susie has taken over the planning Of a building project. The previous project manager had begun toprepare a network diagram for the project shown below.Susie believes that the new production system will reduce the time taken to complete the project aswell as its cost. In particular, she plans to reduce the time taken to complete activity B by two weeksand activity F by three weeks.(durations are in weeks)(a)(b)cDDefine the term batch production.(i) On the lined paper provided for your answer, construct a completednetwork diagram for the building project using the information providedin the figure above. Show the earliest start time (EST) and latest finish time(LFT) for each activity and identify the critical path.[2 marks][6 marks](ii)Calculate any changes to the duration Ofthe project and to the critical pathif Susie Chen reduces the time taken to complete activities B and F asshe planned.(c)Discuss how Susie Chen should introduce and manage her proposed changes toensure their successful implementation.[2 marks][l O marks]

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