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Transcription of this question: 5.On the recommendation Of the Association Francaise d’Ecotourisme (ÅFE), Sophie met withfinancial consultants, Eco-Strat. ECT)-Strat are passionate about eco-tourism and advise clients aboutthe opportunities they provide and helped Sophie map out future strategic options. Sophie decidednot to develop the education centre (Option 2) and was advised against expansion as a luxuriouseco-tourist retreat (Option 3) given forecasts Of a European economic slowdown. However,she is excited about the imaginative proposals presented by Eco-Strat to help market and operatethe business more effectively (Option 1).Sophie is determined to make the Les Maisonnettes brand central to her business plans, which shewill implement through a series Of joint ventures involving local food and wine suppliers preparedto let her ‘ ‘own brand” their goods under the Les Maisonnettes label. She believes this will addvalue to both the products and services offered, while increasing profit levels for her businessand that Of her partners. Eco-Strat proposes three possible business opportunities to promote theLes Maisonnettes brand:ABCSelected Fly-Fare flights offer a “regional lunch pack” including local cheeses, wine and producecarrying the Les Maisonnettes label. The packs include “tasting guides” on the products anddiscount vouchers from the suppliers.”Guest” chefs from local restaurants offer traditional cookery lessons using Les Maisonnettesproduce. Ingredients used will be offered for sale after the lessons.The family grocery shop operates as a separate profit centre supplying Les Maisonnettesbranded items.Eco-Strat strongly recommends that Sophie produces a clearer strategy for developinghuman resources. They suggest she introduces a more formal organizational structure (see Item 1),Offer share options and performance bonuses as well as promoting a shared vision (see Item 3) forthe business.(a)(b)(c)(d)Identify two driving forces for, and two restraining forces on, Sophie’s proposalsto change the operations Of the business.Explain how the proposed strategy for developing the human resources OfLes Maisonnettes may affect employee motivation and performance andstaff turnover.Analyse the role and importance Of own-branding to Les Maisonnettes_Using information contained in the case study and in Items 1 to 7, and withreference to Ecy»-StratS proposals, to what extent can Sophie achieve herstrategic goal to market and operate the business more effectively (Option 1)Additional informationItem 1: Proposed organizational chart for Les Maisonne•ttes and shopShop ManagerAssistaNGenera erSiteRestuartWitressItem 2: Economic data as at October 2009IndicatorInflation (%)Economic growth (% change in GDP)Interest rate (%)Exchange rate (E : e)20101.61.33.0France.foæcast20112.51.03.520122.82.03.2520102.64.51.1420112.90.84_751.1020122.0224.01.05Item 3: Memo from Sophie Lagarde to all staff Ref: Vision StatementI would like your views on the proposed vision statement and objectives below:”Les Maisonnettes offers a unique tourist experience and within five years will become the premiereco-tourist destination in the region. At all times we will promote the best local produce to enhancecommercial and employment Opportunities in the region. ‘Corporate Objectives:to create a committed and supported team, which share our valuesto care for our visitors, the local environment and our staffto educate our visitors about the region and its cultureto develop cooperative ventures with local entrepreneursto make a positive impact on local people and their livelihoods.Item 4: Forecast cash flow for Les Maisonnettes•.March AprilMarch to August 2010(€000 rounded up)Cash salesCredit sales and Other incomeSalaries and wagesOverheadsPurchase Of capital itemsOpening bank balanceClosin bank balanceMay201023126-12J une23142317-12-15July August842061841892084430182318-15-833202318-84

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