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Transcription of this question: 3.This question is about ethene, C2H„ and ethyne, C2H2.Ethyne, like ethene, undergoes hydrogenation to form ethane. State theconditions required.Outline the formation of polyethene from ethene by drawing three repeating unitsof the polymer.[2]0)IJnder certain conditions, ethyne can be converted to benzene.Determine the standard enthalpy change, AHO, for the reaction stated, usingsection 11 of the data booklet.(g) COHE (g)Determine the standard enthalpy change, AHO, for the following similar reaction,using AHf values in section 12 of the data booklet.3C2H2 (g) (l)[2][2](iii) Explain, giving two reasons, the difference in the values for (b)(i) and (ii). If youdid not obtain answers, use —475kJ for (i) and —600kJ for (ii).[2](c)(d)One possible Lewis structure for benzene is shown.State one piece of physical evidence that this structure is incorrect.State the characteristic reaction mechanism of benzene.

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