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Transcription of this question: Rio Mobiliärio (RM)Rio Mobiliårio (RM) is a Brazilian furniture manufacturer. It generates sales in South America,North America and Europe. It has successfully outsourced production and distribution facilities toNorth America.Selected financial data for the year ended and as of 31 December 2015. All figures in millions ofBrazilian reals.Accumulated retained profitCashCost of goods soldCreditorsDebtorsExpensesGross profitInterestNet fixed assetsNet profit after interest and taxNet profit before interest and taxOverdraftSales revenueShare capitalShort-term loansStockTax411648630744989581390x1231106065252568006501562174(a)Define the term outsourcing.(i)(ii)(iii)Calculate the gross profit X for RM (no working required).Calculate Y and hence, calculate the net profit margin for RM (no workingrequired).Using relevant information from the table, construct a fully labelled balance sheetfor RM.[2][2][5]

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