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Transcription of this question: 4.The Indian manufacturer has made a test batch of 100 IBAT lenses and these are beingchecked by Falit.Didi has further investigated costs and Emma has conducted market research to identifypotential customers. Didi is concemed at how many IBATs Medimatters would need to sellfor the venture to be •worthwhile. He forecasts the following:• Fixed costs: $9000 per month.• Variable costs: $50 per IBAT.• Sales price: $80 per IBAT.Ahmed considered his role as leader.He has consulted widely on a draft business plan and has discussed and agreed themission and vision statements because he wants to involve everyone.The group are all very enthusiastic about IBAT, although some are anxious about the risksinvolved and have asked for more guidance.• He spends a lot of time keeping everyone informed of project developments in addition tocoordinating all of their efforts.• Emma has many ideas about expanding into new markets, however, Didi does not agreeand has argued with Emma.• He is prepared to make urgent decisions himself. For example, without consultation hedecided that Medimatters should become a private limited company.(a)(c)(d)Define the term vision statement.(i) Calculate the forecasted break-even quantity per month for the IBAT (show allyour working).(ii) Calculate the forecasted monthly profit or loss if Medimatters sells 400 IBATs permonth (show all your working).Explain two relevant secondary market research methods (sources) that Emma couldhave used to identify potential customers.”Ahmed considered his role as leader.” Recommend an appropriate leadership stylefor Ahmed.[2][2][2][10]

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