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Transcription of this question: 4.The case study for Henri’s MBA contains additional information on TM:TM uses market segmentation to aid its marketing activities.• TM outsources functions such as accounts and human resource management to low-costcountries.Henri studies the TM case study further. He is outraged by what he reads:TMs Chief Executive Officer (CEO) earns 250 times more, per year, than a salesperson.Financial rewards for senior management are very high: in addition to shares, they aregiven profit-related pay, performance-related pay (PRP) and fringe payments (perks).Despite being one of the most profitable businesses in the world, most employees at TMhave not had a pay rise for three years despite increasing sales.Shareholders made significant retums on investments.The case study includes some financial information for TM (year ending 2014):Current assetsCurrent liabilitiesDebtorsStock$80 000 million$40 000 million$27 000 million$26 000 million(a)(b)(c)(d)Define the term current liabilities.With reference to TM, explain two benefits for TM of market segmentation.Using the information above, calculate for TM:(i) the current ratio (show all your working);(ii) the acid-test/quick ratio (show all your working).Henri tells the rest of his class that he thinks that TM employees are demotivated.Using two motivation theories, discuss the factors that may demotivate employees[2][2][2][10]

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