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Transcription of this question: 2.MoverseMoverse operates in the health and fitness sector. Moverse is not a traditional gym with machines(equipment) and fitness instructors (trainers). The instructors themselves travel and run fitnessclasses in the buildings of large companies. Instructors all work part-time and are paid wages on atime rate basis.Moverse currently sells its services to several large companies. They have a total of 727employees enrolled on its programme.• Moverse charges a yearly fee of $145 for each employee participating.• Moverse’s fixed costs are $60 000 per year.• The variable cost per employee taking part in the programme is $45.(a)(b)(c)(d)Describe the time rate method of paying wages.Calculate the break-even quantity for Moverse (show all your working).Construct a fully labelled break-even chart, to scale, for Moverse if 800 employeesenroll on Moverse’s training programme.Calculate the profit or loss if 800 employees enroll on Moverse’s training programme(show all your working).[2][2][2]

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