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Transcription of this question: 2.AnubisTom operates Anubis as a sole trader, selling cell/mobile phone cases on the internet. The marketis increasingly competitive. The retail price of phone cases is predicted to fall in the second quarterof 2018. Employees at Anubis will receive a 3% rise in wages starting from 1 April 2018.Tom has forecasted the following monthly cash outflows for January through March 2018:• Heating and lighting: $4000.• Wages: $50 000.• Packaging: $ 15000.• Delivery charges: 5% of sales revenue.• Cost of goods sold: $220000.Additional information:• Opening balance on 1 January 2018:$8000.• Sales revenue: $300 000 each month.• Rent of $2000 paid quarterly: first payment in January 2018.• Receipt of a tax refund in February 2018:$3000.(a)(b)(c)Outline two appropriate external short-term sources of finance for Anubis other thanloans from family and friends.Using the information above, prepare a fully labelled cash-flow forecast for Anubis fromJanuary to March 2018.Comment on the predicted cash flow for Anubis for 2018.[2][5]

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