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Transcription of this question: Valley Gardens (VG)Valley Gardens (VG) is a large garden retailer that sells flowers, plants, trees and other gardensupplies. In 2016, in an attempt to gain market share and increase sales, VG introduced aloss leader pricing strategy for several varieties of trees. The strategy had an impact on both salesand profitability.Selected financial information for VG, all figures in $000s:Cost of goods soldExpensesGross profitNet profit before interest and taxSales revenue201528001200wx43002016130016005100(a)(b)(c)Define the term loss leader pricing strategy.Using information from the table:(i) calculate the missing figures V, W, X and Y (no working required);(ii) calculate the gross profit margin for 2015 and 2016 (no working required).Using the quantitative information in the table and your answers to part (b), commenton the impact of a loss leader pricing strategy on VG.[2][2][2]

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