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Transcription of this question: 4.Some teachers have complained that Mrs K is too strict and treats them like students.These teachers want more freedom in choosing what to do in their lessons. However, otherteachers like the certainty and clear instructions they receive at the weekly staff meetingsand appreciate that Mrs K takes a close interest in everything they do. Mrs K makes all theday-to-day decisions at the school, and sometimes would like more guidance from Jacob, butshe is pleased that he makes all the strategic decisions.Jacob has delegated the day-to-day running of the school to Mrs K. Whenever he meets thestaff at the school he likes to listen and he wants to learn about what challenges them in theirwork. The teachers and management want to help Jacob achieve his vision for the school.He is very effective at negotiating with external organizations and promoting the school, andis the main force for innovation and change.Jacob has undertaken further market research into what families living in Dodoma wantfrom a school. He used a convenience sampling method that involved talking to friendsand relatives.Jacob is concerned with cash flow. Although the school year starts in January, fees are notcollected until April, the time when local people traditionally have higher incomes. At themoment all purchases are made in cash. Table 1 shows the latest cash-flow forecast for thenext six months.Table 1: Cash-flow forecast for MSS for the next six months (figures in $000s)Opening balanceplus:Fees receivedSales of surplus cropsMinus:Teachers’ salariesCash purchasesOther expensesClosing balanceJan1325325Feb54543-3March—3o3584-17April-175053521May2155x411June11535(a)(b)(c)(d)Define the term economies of scale (line 36).Explain one advantage and one disadvantage for Jacob of using conveniencesampling.(i) Calculate the value of X and the value of Y in Table 1.(ii) With reference to Table 1 , explain one way in which MSS could improvecash flow.Discuss the differences in leadership style between Jacob and Mrs K.[2][2][2][10]

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