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Transcription of this question: 2.Crisis management and MapaImage removed for copyright reasonsThe Portuguese company Mapa manufactures a handheld global positioning system (GPS)*device. In the winter Of 2012, Mapa received reports that its GPS devices Often failed in extremelycold weather. According to the media, the problem first appeared in 2011, when mountain climberswith the Mapa GPS devices discovered inaccuracies in the coordinates the devices provided.Rumours Of the GPS failure began to circulate in the climbing community. Then, after severalaccidents in the mountains, including fatalities, television news programmes began to report theproblem. Only then did Mapa begin to take action.Engineers concluded that the problem resulted from where and when the quality testing wasbeing performed. The production Of a component part outsourced to a company in Iceland was beingquality tested in Portugal in the summer. There was also poor communication between the producerOf the component part and Mapa because Of differences in language and culture.Mapa tall organizational structure, bureaucracy (and bureaucratic corporate culture) and centralizeddecision making meant that no manager acted until the Chief Executive Offlcer (CEO) formallyapologized. As a result, Mapa had taken too long to admit that there was a problem and so consumerconfidence fell and Mapa reputation suffered.The production process Of the GPS device is shown in the table below:ABcGHTaskDesign device layoutCreate electronicsCreate softwareBuild bodCombine partsActivate electronicsActivate softwareInsert s Cial featuresTestOrder/De endencCan start at the same time as B and CCan start at the same time as A and CCan Start at the same time as A and BMust follow AMust follow DMust follow B and EMust follow C and FMust follow GMust follow HTime (da3060902020563(Question 2 continued)(b)(c)(d)(i)(ii)(i)(ii)Define the term outsourcing.Identify two features of a quality control system.Construct a fully labelled network diagram to represent the sequence Oftasks in the table. Show the earliest starting time (EST) and the latestfinishing time (LET) for each task and identify the critical path.Calculate the total float and the free float for Task B and describe theimpact Of delaying Task B by 20 days.[2 marks][2 marks][6 marks][3 marks][6 marks]Using a (cause-and-effect) fishbone diagram, explain why Mapa was slow torespond to the problem with its GPS devices.Examine the importance Of communicationthe crisis.for Mapa in its management Of[6 marks]

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