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Transcription of this question: 5.Metro Town (MT)Metro Town (MT) is a football (soccer) club that has exceeded all expectations by winning a nationalfootball cup competition. MT is managed by Dave Mater and the football team is captained by hisson Wayne. MT had faced closure in 2012 due to cash-flow problems. However, the cup win hasprovided much needed revenue to pay players’ wages and also profit to finance working capital.MTS stadium is Old and needs repair. The club had faced bankruptcy because Dave had not followedbudgets. For example, as part Of its commitment to corporate social responsibility, MT spent toomuch on social marketing to encourage healthy eating and youth sport participation in the local area.Dave had created an open informal organizational culture at MT _ He had introduced a matrixstructure with Wayne conducting most Of the training sessions. Player turnover at the club was verylow. However, a few high profile players, disliking Dave’s management approach, have threatenedto leave MT _ However, the cup success and the possibility Of a joint venture with another club hasencouraged them to stay.MTS cup success has attracted the interest Of a larger club Dynamo. Last year Dynamo lost manygames and as a result ticket sales fell. Dynamo S Chief Executive Offlcer (CEO), Gary Driver, hasproposed to Dave a joint venture. Dynamo and MT would share a new stadium financed by Dynamo.It would provide both clubs with modern training facilities, which would help all players to becomemore skilled. Dave was interested and at a team meeting at his home he proposed the idea. However,he argued that the Dynamo culture, which is more centralized and autocratic, could lead to culturalclashes. Then unexpectedly, without consulting Dave, his son Wayne decided to sign a two-yearcontract to play (work) for Dynamo football team.(i)(ii)Define the term social marketing.Identify two characteristics Of a matrix structure.(b)(c)(d)Explain the role that budgets could play in solving the cash-flow problems at MTUsing two appropriate motivation theories, analyse player motivation at MI:Advise Dave on the proposal for a joint venture with Dynamo.[2 marks/[2 marks/[6 marks][6 marks][9 marks]

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