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Transcription of this question: 5.General Diane Pierce concluded that building a hospital was a better option than building a universityThe situation around Beral was deteriorating (Item I). Soon the city would be unable to obtainsufflcient food supplies. Moreover, the loss Of control Of the area surrounding Beral wouldpsychologically impact on the residents, perhaps causing greater resistance to the IJWP Mission.General Pierce decided to increase the frequency Of the UWP patrols in the UWP-protected area.This, however, would require several changes to the overall plan for the UWP Mission in Beral.With an increase in the frequency Of patrols, fewer troops would be available for the constructionproject.General Pierce instructed Colonel Michael Donovan to prepare a new critical path analysis.He developed two possible timetables and approaches to constructing the hospital (Items 2 and 3).Either way, completing the project would take longer than 30 weeks as originally planned.Colonel Donovan also recommended a change to the workforce planning scheme, shifting froma traditional construction approach where the construction team moves from one job to the nextsequentially; to a cell production approach where smaller teams work simultaneously on differentjobs (Item 5). He warned, however, that regardless of the approach taken, building the hospital underthe new circumstances would put huge physical and mental pressure on the troops. In light Of thedeteriorating situation in Beral, Colonel Donovan’s warnings, and Of recent demographic data aboutLoyka (Item 6), General Pierce had to re-evaluate her strategy Of building a hospital.(a)(b)(c)(d)Identify two factors that may affect the [JWP workforce planning in Beral.(i) Using information from Item 3, copy and complete into your answerbooklet the network diagram in Item 4 for activities A to H and identifythe critical path for the construction Of the hospital.(ii) With reference to the case study, explain one disadvantage Of using acritical path analysis.Analyse the use Of a cell production approach for the construction Of the hospital.Using information contained in the case study, Items I to 6, and a force fieldanalysis (no numerical weightings are required for your forces), evaluateGeneral Diane Pierce’s strategic decision to build the hospital.[2 marks][5 marks][2 marks][9 marks][12 marks]5.(a)(b)Identify two factors that may affect the UWP’s workforce planning inBeral.Factors that could affect the UWP’s workforce planning include:• increase in violence, increasing demand for patrolsskills/training of troops• workforce reduction from death, transfer, injury, and illness• other changed circumstances (reduction/inclease in forces)accept any Other relevant factor.[2 marks/Award [1 mark/ for each correct factor identified up to a maximum of[2 marks/.(i) Using information from Item 3, copy and complete into your answerbooklet the network diagram in Item 4 for activities A to H andidentify the critical path for the construction Of the hospital.[5 marks/Award [5 marks/ if the network diagram is correct and the critical pathhas been correctly identified.

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