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Transcription of this question: 5.Martin Kimathi received shocking news: GP had sold The Imperial to the National Wealth Fund(NWF) Of Kumali, a small Arabian country.NWF representatives told Martin that as long as he agreed to assist them in bringing about the changesthat were best for NWF, he could keep his job for at least three years.NWF is considering the following two strategies:Modified Option 1 : extensively upgrade The Imperial in order to make it one Of the most luxurioushotels in Africa. Although this strategy is similar to Option 1, the renovation Of the hotel would beto a much higher standard. Martin read a consultant’s engineering report (Item I) indicating that TheImperial would be closed for 18 months for the renovation.TO implement modified Option 1 , NWF representatives would need Martin to do the following:promote Susan Chapman to Assistant Manager.• dismiss all Other employees within 60 days.• develop a workforce plan according to NWF Human Resources Guidelines (Item 2).Modified Option 2: half the hotel would be converted to apartments for sale, all the spare landconverted to a golf course, and the Other half Of the hotel kept open as a hotel which would begradually renovated over 9 months. Martin and Susan would keep their current jobs. Around halfOf the remaining employees would be made redundant. The Other half could keep their jobs duringthe renovations, but their positions would be reviewed after 6 months according to NWF HumanResources Guidelines (Item 2).(a)(b)(c)(d)(e)Copy the network diagram from Item 1 and identify the critical path.With reference to Item 1 :(i) explain the purpose Of the dummy activity X.(ii) calculate the free float and the total float for activity B.Using information from Item 3, calculate:(i) the average rate Of return for the six-year forecast for modified Option 1(show all your working) _(ii) the payback period for modified Option 2.Analyse NWF human resource plan for The Imperial.Using information contained in the case study and Items I to 5, recommend toNWF which modified Option I or 2 should they implement.[2 marks][2 marks][2 marks][2 marks][1 mark][9 marks][12 marks]Item 1 : Engineering report for modified Option 1Our calculations suggest that the minimum possible time required to complete the renovations is1 8 months, as shown in the critical path analysis below:o2B471818We also recommend that, because of the noise and disruption that will occur during the renovations, thehotel should close throughout that period. This will help the contractors meet the deadlines.Key to activities on critical path analysis above:ActivityAEnd projectOrder’DependencyCan be done same time as AMust follow AMust follow A and BMust follow A and BMust follow C and DE and F completedDuration7 months4 months4 months3 monthsmonths7 monthsItem 2: Excerpt from the NWF Human Resources GuidelinesAll businesses owned by the NWF of Kumali, such as Air Kumali, share the vision of human resourcesthat NWF employees:are recruited from all over the world in order to create an international image and global face.• are trained to be culturally sensitive and internationally minded.• deliver the highest quality standard of service In whichever area of NWFthey work in.are trained continuously to re are for ossible internal omotion.

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