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Transcription of this question: 3.ToyotaToyota is one Of the biggest car manufacturers in the world. For decades it was known forproduction efficiency and car quality Its Kaizen approach to manufacturing transformed car-makingworldwide resulting in years Of growth in sales and profits. With rapid global growth, Toyota beganoutsourcing production activities Of some car parts to overseas manufacturers, with whom it hadnot worked before, resulting in a loss Of quality control. In addition to this, it ignored employees’concerns about car safety and quality and was also slow in responding to customers’ complaints.In 2009, Toyota recalled 1 1 million cars worldwide due to various defects in car parts. The financialloss to Toyota from the recall and lost sales was USS2 billion. The total market value Of Toyotashares fell by USS20 billion.Following the recall, company President Akio Toyoda said that in expanding too rapidly Toyota:• Lost sight Of its long-established customer focus.• NO longer stopped to study every defect, or problem to determine the causes.• Forgot its core values of safety first, quality second and volume third. Its main strategic objectivesbecame “world biggest” and profit.He added that the situation is urgent and to recover its reputation and core values:• New quality control standards will be put in place.• New procedures will pay closer attention to customers’ feedback.• A team will be set up to investigate every defect reported within 24 hours.• Change will be implemented more rapidly than normalOther famous car brands have also experienced product recalls. Regarding Toyota, analystscommented that Akio Toyoda understands the problems and has personal interest in Toyota, his nameis on every car. Financially, Toyota created a USSI_4 billion provision for the recall and it hasUSS23 billion in reserve. In America, Toyota S sales were up in 2010 over the previous year.IC International Baccalaureate Organization, 2013](a)(b)(c)(d)Describe two practices Of a Kaizen approach to manufacturing.Explain two methods of research that Toyota marketing department could useto improve its relationship with customers.Examine Toyota decision to outsource “production activities Of some car partsto overseas manufacturers”.TO what extent will Toyota be able to recover its reputation, core values andbrand image

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