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Transcription of this question: 4.Motuoro High School (MHS)Motuoro High School (MHS) is a new residential (boarding) school for 16—18 year Olds.public-private partnership funded 60 % by the state and 40 % by the private sector.The school has two managers:Charles Ledger, a government official, who is responsible for finance.• Julian Santiago, a successful businessman, who manages the daily operations.It is aJulian was asked to help set up MHS as a new innovative and flexible school. He interviews allnew students. They can choose to attend classes or telework from their rooms. MHS has anup-to-date Internet system to provide communication and educational resources. It has a flatorganizational structure. Teachers and students are at the same level Of hierarchy, but belowCharles and Julian.The teachers were selected by Julian and did not sign contracts. Julian and the students meet todecide together on the appraisal process for teachers. The teachers themselves are not present atthese meetings.MHS provides teachers with free accommodation, food and a generous salary. 12 months ago atelevision series about the opening Of the school gave it enormous publicity. This lead to manyapplications from potential students and teachers.However, a number Of problems have now emerged. New student applications are decreasing.Government funding has been reduced. A number Of students are missing classes or notsubmitting work. Teachers are insisting that MHS provide contracts. They are also concerned thatthe informal organization within the school is having too much influence on Julian’s decision making.One frustrated teacher complained to Charles without Julian knowing. This caused an issue betweenCharles and Julian. Julian wanted to dismiss the teacher, but Charles was concerned that dismissingthe teacher would have lead to strike action. This would have created unwelcome publicity at a timewhen student numbers were falling. Julian suggested that a no-strike agreement should be put inplace and that teachers should consider working at MHSas a privilege. The meeting finished withouta resolution.(a)(b)(c)(d)Define the following terms:(i) appraisal(ii) strike action.Explain one advantage and one disadvantage to the two managers Of MHSbeing a public-private partnership.Analyse the importance Of the informal organization to MHSDiscuss two approaches to conflict resolution at MHS[2 marks][2 marks][6 marks][6 marks][9 marks]

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