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Transcription of this question: 3.AnigamAnigam is one Of the biggest multinational companies operating in the animal drugs industry.In many countries, -.4nigam is well known for its promotional campaigns. It uses both above the lineand below the line promotion.Anigam has a portfolio Of animal drugs at different stages Of their product life cycle:• Anitox is the first animal drug that Anigam developed and sold. It is a business-to-business (B2B)product used in veterinary clinics worldwide. Anitox has a high 25% share Of the global market.That figure has been stable for the last 10 years. Anitox is a well-established product in a marketthat is saturated and growing very slowly.• A range Of animal drugs was launched four years ago. One Of them, Anisan, helps preventheart attacks in aging animals; it already has a high 15% share Of a rapidly growing market.Some Other animal drugs, however, are not performing as well: for example, Aniplus, which isdesigned to strengthen animals’ immune systems against the flu and Other contagious diseases.The market for products such as Aniplus is growing rapidly, but it is very competitive.• Last year, Ånigam launched a new drug called Anislim which helps to reduce Obesity indomestic animals. Thanks to significant introductory marketing efforts and an appropriatepromotional mix, the first sales results were good. It is, however, too early to forecast whetherpresent sales for Anislim will be maintained.(a)(b)(c)(d)(e)With reference to the product life cycle diagram below,missing stages:identify theABTime(i)(ii)A.With reference to ,4nigam, distinguish between above the line and below theline promotion.Explain one reason why a promotional mix chosen by Anigam might fail.Analyse Ånigam portfolio of animal drugs by applying the Boston consultinggroup (BCG) matrix.With reference to Anigam and one other company of your choice, discussreasons for the increase in the number of multinational companies.[1 mark][1 mark][5 maÅs]

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