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Transcription of this question: 4.ZeitimZeirim is a chain of vegetarian fast food restaurants. Since the opening of its first restaurant in 1999,the restaurants have multiplied through franchising in the Middle East and around the MediterraneanSea. More recently they have expanded into Asia, where they are becoming even more popular thanMcDonalWs _ The first American Zeilim will open next month. The Size ofa Zeirim restaurant variesfrom a small branch that mainly serves takeaway food, to large ones with over 200 seats. There iseven a “mega-Zeilim” in Bangalore, India, with 800 seats. Zeilim restaurants are not only located inhigh streets (downtowns) and shopping areas, but also in business districts, train stations and airports.unique selling proposition (USP) is serving only vegetarian food, unlike other restaurantchains thatmay have vegetarian dishes but mainly serve meat-based products. Zeirim •s other marketmgaspects (such as price, promotion and physical evidence) are not much different to its competitors.According to Alejtin Berisha, Director ofOperations, Zeirim has been successful due to a combinationof three factors• its use of flow production, ensuring quick preparation and service, which is essential for a fastfood restaurant• its original branding, based on the use of the letter z, for example “Zeitim Zalads”, “ZeirimZandwiches” and even branded drinks such as the “Zeirim Zmoothy”• its franchise system, which made it easy to spread the brand name quickly, ensuring a high levelof brand awareness, even amongst people who have not eaten there yet.(a)(b)(c)(d)Describe flow production in the context of a fast food restaurant such as Zeirim_With reference to Zeilim and other organizations of your choice, explain threeways In which businesses can differentiate their products from their competitors’ _Examine how branding may have contributed to the success of Zeirim restaurants _With reference to Zeirim and one other organization of your choice, discuss theuse of franchising as a growth strategy.[2 marks][6 marks][5 marks][7 marks]

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