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Transcription of this question: Office Cleaners (OC)Sayaka Toguchi operates an Offlce cleaning service, which is in the tertiary sector. When Officeworkers are going home, she arrives at their offices to clean them. At present, she has four clients,with commercial offices all located in the same building. She operates as a sole trader and has noemployees. Her business name is Office Cleaners (OC).Sayaka has always liked the small size of her business. However, when a large bank on the groundfloor of the same building where her current clients are located offered her a contract to clean its offices,she decided to reconsider the size Of her business. The bank would loan her $250() to purchase newcleaning equipment. The bank would also Offer her a two-year contract paying her everysecond month. Sayaka would need to employ one new worker to clean the bank.For the bank contract, Sayaka forecasted the following monthly cash outflows:• salary for one new employee:• cleaning products (soap, detergent): S200payment on equipment loan: S 150 payable from the second month• business taxes and overheads: $300.Before the bank loan she currently has personal savings Of S 1600 in the bank.Employee absence also worries Sayaka. How will she get all the offices clean if her new employeeis absent from work due to illness(a)(b)(d)(e)Define the term tertiary sector.Identify two features of a sole trader.(i)(ii)Prepare a monthly cash-flow forecast for the bank contract for the first sixmonths assuming Sayaka employs one new worker.Calculate the impact on the monthly closing balance Of the six monthcash-flow forecast if the new employee is absent from work due to illnessfor two days per month. Assume Sayaka still pays the ill employee amonthly salary OfComment on the impact that the bank contract will have on the cash flow Of OC.Analyse the impact on Sayaka’s role if she expands the size Of her business.[2 marks][2 marks][5 marks][2 marks][4 marks][5 marks]

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