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Transcription of this question: Urea, (H2N)2CO, is excreted by mammals and can be used as a fertilizer.Calculate the percentage by mass of nitrogen in urea to two decimal places usingsection 6 of the data booklet.Suggest how the percentage of nitrogen affects the cost of transport of fertilizersgiving a reason.[2](b)The structural formula of urea is shown.Predict the electron domain and molecular geometries at the nitrogen and carbonatoms, applying the VSEPR theory.Electron domain geometryNitrogenCarbonMolecular geometrytrigonal planar(c) Urea can be made by reacting potassium cyanate, KNCO, with ammonium chloride,NH4Cl.KNCO (aq) + NH4C1 (aq) (H2NbCO (aq) + KCI (aq)Determine the maximum mass of urea that could be formed from 50.0cm3 ofO. 100 moldm-3 potassium cyanate solution.[2](d)Urea can also be made by the direct combination of ammonia and carbon dioxidegases.2NH3 (g) + (g) = (H2N)2CO (g) + H20 (g)AH

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