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Transcription of this question: 4.Dome Hospital in GhanaToday, 13 000 nurses who were trained in sub-Saharan African countries such as Ghana workin Australia, the United Kingdom (UK), Canada and the United States (US). Recently, theUK has saved millions Of IJSS in the cost Of training UK nurses by recruiting Ghanaian ones.The government Of Ghana, however, had spent a similar amount in training the same nurses whonow work in the UK.The migration Of nurses is driven by workforce shortages in countries such as the US and the IJK_Given these demographic changes, Dome Hospital in Ghana is experiencing severe difficulty inrecruiting locally trained nurses.Recruitment agencies in Ghana have tried a number Of different methods to encourage Ghanaiannurses to come back home. They have used recruitment events and have set up a web site to attractnurses to fill vacancies. They also Offer improved pay and working conditions, a free flight homeand payment of moving expenses. Dome Hospital is considering the introduction Of job enrichmentschemes to increase non-financial motivation.Dome Hospital has conducted primary research with Ghanaian nurses working in the UK and hasdiscovered that they have encountered a lack Of opportunities for experience and promotion.Dome Hospital has been approached by Afua, a non-governmental organization (NGO), whichis concerned about Ghanaian hospitals’ ability to retain nurses. Afua is determined to help andis calling for changes in international law to reduce the mobility Of nurses from developing todeveloped countries. Åfua will probably Offer Dome Hospital advice and guidance on recruitmentand retention, but not direct funding. ..4fua, however, has considerable knowledge Of Other NGOswith financial resources.(a)(b)(c)(d)Define the term primary research.Explain two non-financial rewards that Dome Hospital could use to encourageGhanaian nurses to Stay in Ghana.Analyse the likely benefits for Dome Hospital Of Afua support.Discuss the advantages and disadvantages Of Dome Hospitalstrategy.recruitment[2 marks][6 marks][5 marks][7 marks]

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