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Transcription of this question: 4.(a)(b)(c)(d)Define the following terms:(i) delegation (line 59)(ii) performance-related pay (PRP) (line 72).N-Pharma is considering several strategic options for its future growth,including a takeover (Option 1 (b)) and a merger (Option 3). Distinguishbetween a merger and a takeover.Laura Davies anticipates “that the Australian employees Of N-Pharma willrespond positively to non-financial rewards” (lines 80—81) _ Explain hownon-financial rewards might affect job satisfaction and productivity.TO what extent would a change in Susan James’ leadership style improveproductivity and morale at the Canadian subsidiary Of N-PharmaAdditional informationStren and weaknesses from a SWOT anal is for N-PharmaStrengths• N-Pharma is a well-established multinational company (MNC) with subsidiaries in several countrieswithin the Pacific Rim• N-Pharma is a well known brand name, attracting customer loyalty.• N-Pharma has a portfolio Of drugs at different stages Of their product life cycle (e.g. Pharmax,Pharmaflo, Pharmaslim, Pharmatics).• N-Pharma has large financial reserves and its shares are regarded by investors as safe and relativelyrisk free.Weaknesses• N-Pharma has experienced problems in some Of its subsidiaries (e_g_ human resources (HR) problemsin Canada and Australia, liquidity problems in the USA)_• N-Pharma has suffered a negative public image because of unethical practices.• N-Pharma operates in a very competitive business environment (generic drugs from competitors arecheaper than N-Pharma branded products).

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