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Transcription of this question: Natura CosméticosNatura Cosméticos is a Brazilian company that manufactures and sells a range Of cosmetic productsincluding shampoo, soap, make-up and creams that protect against the sun. Natura Cosméticos hasethical objectives and has built its success on the high quality Of its products and on the company’scommitment to sustainable developmentl. Natura Cosméticos ‘ mission statement states that it is:”committed to building a better world through sustainable development “Natura Cosméticos uses natural ingredients from the Amazon rainforest. The company supportslocal villagers in planting their crops using traditional sustainable techniques.Excerpt from the profit31 Ma 2006 and 2007Sales revenueCost of goods soldGross rofitEx ensesandloss accounts for Natura Cosméticos for the years endedNet profit before interest and taxInterestTax20062800891xx6443414920073123x21311453x90156Natura Cosméticos sells its products in recyclable packaging through a direct sales distributionnetwork of more than 60000 self-employed2 in Brazil _ These “partners” are mostlywomen working part-time on profit-related pay. This approach works well because employmentopportunities in Brazil are limited, wages are low, and it allows flexible working. Consumers alsolike direct distribution because Of the personal service and close interaction with the “partners”Natura Cosméticos has experienced an average annual growth in revenue Of 25% between 1995and 2003. In 2006, the company built a new manufacturing plant to accommodate future growth.This was financed by a new long-term loan.(a)(b)(c)(d)Outline the purpose Of the mission statement Of Natura Cosméticos.From the profit and loss accounts provided:(i) calculate the missing values X for 2006 and 2007.(ii) calculate the gross profit margin and the net profit margin for 2006and 2007.(iii) comment on the change in interest between 2006 and 2007.Distinguish between the purpose Of accounts for one internal stakeholdergroup Of Natura Cosméticos and the purpose Of accounts for one externalstakeholder group.Examine two reasons why organizations such as Natura Cosméticos setethical objectives.[4 marks][2 marks][4 marks][2 marks][3 marks][5 marks]

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