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Transcription of this question: 3.EeosolucionesEcosoluciones is a non-profit research organization located in Madrid, Spain. One Of theirobjectives is to try to introduce non-polluting sources Of electricity in developing countries.One successful application Of their research was the Alumbre Project. This provided electricitycreated by wind generators to the remote village of Alumbre, Peru, which previously had none.(Source http:/,/u•a•.v 17 December 2009]In Alumbre, wind generators were installed by Ecosoluciones to supply, for the first time,electricity to a textile factory, one Of the few firms in the area operating in the secondary sector.Ecosoluciones also agreed to maintain and repair the generators. There was a completetransformation in the production process. The factory was able to buy new machinery. Productivityincreased dramatically New jobs were created.Ecosoluciones also promised, in partnership with Peru Telecwn and the Peruvian government,to help fund the improvements in communication between Alumbre and the rest of Peru. This alsoallowed regional trade to develop. The entire community experienced significant improvements intheir quality Of life. The Peruvian government saw this as a practical solution to develop Otherdepressed areas* Of the country.Unfortunately in 2008 a severe financial crisis hit Europe and the Spanish government suspendedpart Of its funding for research organizations such as Ecosoluciones. As a direct result, themanagement Of Ecosoluciones felt it may no longer be able to maintain Alumbre’s wind generators.(a)(b)(c)(d)Define the term secondary sector.Prepare a PEST analysis for the textile factory in Alumbre.Contrast the objectives Of non-profit organizations such as Ecosoluciones tothose Of profit-based organizations.Discuss two possible areas Of conflict between stakeholders in theAlumbre Project.[2 marks/[6 marks][5 marks][7 marks]

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