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Transcription of this question: Mitsubishi MotorsDuring the 1970s and 1980s, the multinational car manufacturer Mitsubishi Motors built much Of itscustomer base in South-East Asia. When in the late 1990s the South-East Asian economy had a majordownturn, Mitsubishi Motors’ sales fell. Other Japanese car manufacturers, like Toyota and Honda,offset their falling Asian sales by increased sales in the United States, but Mitsubishi Motors had onlya small market share in the United States. Thus, the turmoil in the South-East Asian economy hada greater effect on Mitsubishi Motors than on Other car manufacturers and multinational companies.The company’s losses in 1997 were the worst in its history.In 2005 , Mitsubishi Motors announced a vision statement, “We are committed to providing the upmostdriving pleasure and safety for our valued customers and our community. On these commitments,we will never compromise”In 2006, after years Of limited investment and frequent losses, the company introduced theaward-winning Mitsubishi Motors Kei car, its first new model in 29 months. The sports utilityvehicle (SUV) Outlander model was revised and launched worldwide.Selected items from Mitsubishi Motors ‘profit and loss account and balance sheet:Year ended 31 May 2004 Year ended 31 May 2007Cost of goods soldCurrent assetsCurrent liabilitiesExpensesFixed assetsLoan capitalNon-o eratin incomeRetained profit (from balance sheet)Sales revenueShare capital(millions of Yen)21608691567574116043217251913(millions of Yen)178910614057193601562203153(Source: adapted from limes ofOman, 14 November 2007](a)(b)(c)(d)Define the following terms:(i) market share(ii) multinational company.Explain the value to Mitsubishi Motors Of a vision statement.Calculate for 2004 and 2007 Mitsubishi Motors(i) gearing ratio(ii) gross profi t margin(iii) net profit margin.Using ratio analysis and other relevant financial information, analyse the changesin the financial situation Of Mitsubishi Motors between 2004 and 2007.[2 marks/[2 marks/[4 marks][2 marks][2 marks][2 marks][6 marks/

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