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Transcription of this question: 4.Coolibar@Coolibar@ designs and manufactures clothing that protects wearers from the sun. The firm wasfounded in 2001 by John Barrow Of Australia, who wanted to bring some Of Australia’s advancedapproaches to sun protection to the American market.The name Coolibar@ and the company logo are derived from the Australian eucalyptus tree.All Coolibar@ brand products block 98% Of ultraviolet rays, giving them an Ultraviolet ProtectiveFactor (UPF) Of 50. After extensive initial market research, the company designed clothing forfashion and health conscious Americans aged between 18 and 30. Focus groups indicated thatmany American consumers disliked designs popular in Australia. Surveys indicated that certainAmericans would pay a premium price for sun protective clothing.Coolibar@ knew Of rising skin cancer rates in the United States and Of growing concern amongaging Baby Boomers* about skin cancer. Over the last 25 years, melanoma (skin cancer) rates havealmost tripled in America. According to the National Cancer Institute, American males have aI in 82 chance Of developing skin cancer.In 2007, Coolibar@ was one Of the 500 fastest growing privately-held companies in theUnited States. However, the market for sun protective clothing is growing and many new competitorsare entering the market. Cooliban@, aware that it must constantly respond to market needs,is planning a new phase of market research in order to write a new 5-year marketing plan.[Source adapted from Inc. 500 and http•J.’uw.v, November 20071(a)(b)(c)(d)Define the term market research.Distinguish between three different market segments for Coolibar@Sproducts.Analyse the role that primary market research played in Coolibar@Sredesign Oftheir clothing for the American market.Discuss the importance and role Of branding for Coolibar@ when launchingtheir clothing in the American market.[2 marks][6 marks][5 marks][7 marks]

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