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Transcription of this question: The following shows some compounds which can be made from ethene, C2Ha.(a)(b)(c)ethene (C2H,) C2H5Cl C2H60 C2H,oState the type of reaction which converts ethene into C2H5Cl.Write an equation for the reaction of C2HsCl with aqueous sodium hydroxide to producea C2H60 compound, showing structural formulas.0)(ii)Write an equation for the complete combustion of the organic product in (b).Determine the enthalpy of combustion of the organic product in (b), in kJ mort,using data from section 11 of the data booklet.(d)0)State the reagents and conditions for the conversion of the compound C2H60,produced in (b), into C2H40.Explain why the compound C2H60, produced in (b), has a higher boiling pointthan compound C2H,O, produced in d(i).[2][2]Ethene is often polymerized. Draw a section of the resulting polymer, showing tworepeating units.

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