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Transcription of this question: 6.Phenylethene can be polymerized to form polyphenylethene (polystyrene, PS).(a)Draw the repeating unit of polyphenylethene.(b)(c)Phenylethene is manufactured from benzene and ethene in a two-stage process. Theoverall reaction can be represented as follows with AGO = +10.0kJmol-1 at 298K.Calculate the equilibrium constant for the overall conversion at 298K, using section 1 ofthe data booklet.The benzene ring of phenylethene reacts with the nitronium ion, N02+, and thedouble bond reacts with hydrogen bromide, HBr.Compare and contrast these two reactions in terms of their reaction mechanisms.[2][2]Similarity:Difference:(d)The major product of the reaction with hydrogen bromide is and theminor product is(i) Outline why the major product, can exist in two forms and statethe relationship between these forms.[2]Two forms:Relationship:(ii)The minor product, can exist in different conformational forms(isomers).Outline what this means.(e) The minor product, can be directly converted to an intermediatecompound, X, which can then be directly converted to the acidC6Hs-CHz-CH2Br X C6Hs-CHz-COOHIdentify X.

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