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Transcription of this question: Xylene is a derivative of benzene. One isomer is 1 ,4-dimethylbenzene.H3CCH3(a) State the number of iH NMR signals for this isomer of xylene and the ratio in whichthey appear.Number of signals:Ratio:[2](b)Draw the structure of one other isomer of xylene which retains the benzene ring.(c)Xylene, like benzene, can be nitrated.0)(ii)Write the equation for the production of the active nitrating agent fromconcentrated sulfuric and nitric acids.Explain the mechanism for the nitration of benzene, using curly arrows to indicatethe movement of electron pairs.(d)Bromine reacts with alkanes.0)(ii)Identify the initiation step of the reaction and its conditions.1 ,4-dimethylbenzene reacts as a substituted alkane. Draw the structures of thetwo products of the overall reaction when one molecule of bromine reacts withone molecule of 1 ,4-dimethylbenzene.[2][2]The organic product is not optically active. Discuss whether or not the organic productis a racemic mixture.

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