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Transcription of this question: 3.Propene is an important starting material for many products. The following shows somecompounds which can be made from propene, C3H6.(a)Propene (C3H6) C3H7Cl C3H80 C3H60Consider the conversion of propene to C3H7Cl.0)(ii)(iii)(iv)State the type of reaction.State the IIJPAC name of the major product.Outline why it is the major product.Write an equation for the reaction of the major product with aqueous sodiumhydroxide to produce a C3H80 compound, showing structural formulas.(b)An experiment was carried out to determine the order of reaction between one of theisomers of C3H7Cl and aqueous sodium hydroxide. The following results were obtained.Experiment23[C3H7Cl] 1mol dm-[OHI 1mol dm0.100.200.10Initial rate Imol dm-3s3.1 x 1041.3 x 10-392 x 1040)(ii)Determine the rate expression from the results, explaining your method.Deduce the type of mechanism for the reaction of this isomer of C3H7Cl withaqueous sodium hydroxide.(iii) Sketch the mechanism using curly arrows to represent the movement of electrons. [4](c)0)(ii)0)Write an equation for the complete combustion of the compound C3H80 formedin (a)(iv).Determine the enthalpy of combustion of this compound, in kJ mop, using datafrom section 11 of the data booklet.State the reagents for the conversion of the compound C3HEO formed in (a)(iv)into C3H60.(ii)Explain why the compound C3H80, produced in (a)(iv), has a higher boiling pointthan compound C3H60, produced in d(i).[2](iii) Explain why the ‘H NMR spectrum of C3H60, produced in (d)(i), shows only onesignal.Propene is often polymerized. Draw a section of the resulting polymer, showing tworepeating units.

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