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Transcription of this question: 2.Burger BarBurger Bar is submitting a business proposal to its bank manager to obtain a bank loan in order to setup a new fast food business. The owners know that they must break even within the first year or thebank will not approve the application for a loan.The details of their proposal are summarized below:• the variable unit cost for making one burger is S 1.00the fixed cost of making burgers for 12 months will be a total of S 100000the partners have forecast sales Of 150 000 burgers in the first 12 monthsthe price the partners are projecting for the burger is S2_OO_The owners have already carried out extensive primary and secondary market research to supporttheir business proposal.(a)(b)(c)Identify two types Of primary market research.Explain the role Of market research when setting up a new fast food business.Construct a break-even chart based on the above information. Your chartshould show:the break-even outputthe margin Of safety if 150000 burgers are sold.[2 marks][4 marks][6 marks](d) TO what extent can this break-even analysis alone be used to support theapplication for a bank loan

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