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Transcription of this question: 3.Dr MartensDrMartens is a footwear brand established in Germany in 1947. Known as “Doc Martens”, “Docs”,or “DMs”, the brand is distinct for being comfortable and durable with an air-cushioned soledeveloped by Dr Klaus Maertens Of Germany.Dr Martens boots have appealed to diverse market segments. Originally a big hit with housewives(80 % Of sales were to women over the age Of 40), they were then also bought by authors and a rangeof youth subcultures*.Dr Martens sales grew steadily and by 1959, the company had grown large enough to market thefootwear internationally. A British shoe manufacturer bought patent rights to manufacture theshoes in the UK and added its distinctive yellow stitching. The first Dr Martens in the UK weresold in 1960 and were popular among postmen, policemen and factory workers.By the late 1960s, sales were increasing rapidly Street gangs made the cherry-red boots adistinctive style. By the mid 1970s, Dr Martens boots were popular among some British rock starsand their fans. The boots and shoes then became popular among some Other youth subcultures.At this point, Dr Martens had a huge share Of the teenage footwear market. However, in the 1980sand 1990s Dr Martens faced intense competition as consumers started to wear sports footwear brandssuch as Adidas and Nike. Sales for D,” Martens went into a rapid decline, which has continued.Dr Martens are now sold in many different styles, including conventional black shoes, sandals andsteel-toed boots. Nevertheless, many of their target markets have turned to competing manufacturers’boots.[Source: adapted from http•J.’•.”4″A’ 26 March 20071(a)(b)(c)(d)Define the term market segment.Construct a fully labelled product life cycle diagram for Dr Martens from 1947to the present day.With reference to Dr Martens, comment on the value Of market segmentation.With reference to the product life cycle, evaluate two alternative extensionstrategies that Dr Martens could introduce.[2 marks][4 marks][6 marks][8 marks]

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