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Transcription of this question: 2.The Biodegradable BottleIt is the bottle that could launch a revolution. The first biodegradable bottle has been developed,raising hopes that we may one day stop adding to the mountain Of plastic packaging accumulatingin landfill sites. People in Britain throw away the equivalent Of their body weight in rubbish everyseven weeks. A growing consumer backlash against the growth in packaging has promptedbusinesses to explore “greener” alternatives.The biodegradable water bottle has been developed by a new company, Belu who are committed toenvironmental protection. The bottle is made Of corn and decomposes in home compost in months.However the unit cost Of the bottles is considerably higher than for conventional plastic bottles.A famous French water bottling firm is considering using the new biodegradable bottle. Their marketresearch has shown that their customers consider themselves environmentally friendly and respondfavourably to the idea Of the new biodegradable bottle. However, test marketing has shown that thisenvironmental aspect has little influence at the point Of sale, where price remains the most importantfactor in their purchasing decision.[Source: adapted from The Independent, 29 May 2006](a)(b)(c)(d)Identify two stakeholders of Belu.Explain how the French water bottling firm might be able to identify thetarget market for water sold in biodegradable bottles.Explain how the higher unit cost might affect the price and promotion elementsOf the marketing mix for water sold in biodegradable bottles.Evaluate whether the French water bottling firm should use the biodegradablebottle.[2 marks][4 marks][6 marks][8 marks]

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