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Transcription of this question: 3.Fish Packaging in ReykjavikThe firm Fish Packaging Ltd owns a fish packaging plant in Reykjavik, Iceland, and sells frozenfish to the domestic market. Workers in the plant are paid SIO per hour to pack fish into boxes.They are expected to pack approximately 1 3 kg per hour. When local fishing boats do not goout fishing, there is nothing to pack. When this happens the workers stay at home and are stillpaid $4 per hour.The workers are concerned about a number Of issues including:poor weather has led to local fishing boats fishing less, so workers are staying home more Oftenan autocratic leadership stylea lack Of involvement in day-to-day decision makinga shortage Of protective clothinginsufficient rest breaks during the working day.Management complains that workers seldom exceed the target Of 13 kg per hour and are alsoconcerned about the possible imposition Of fishing quotas by governments. Furthermore, the fishpackaging industry has been badly hit by the competition of Russian factory ships. Management feelsit has to make some changes and is considering the introduction Of a piece rate payment system.(i)(ii)Describe the difference between time rate and piece rate paymentsystems.Explain two disadvantages and one advantage Of introducing a piece ratepayment system at Fish Packaging Ltd.(b)(c)Explain two external factors that could influence Fish Packaging Ltd.Using appropriate motivation theory, evaluate possible changes the managementOf Fish Packaging Ltd could introduce to improve the motivation Of thework force.[2 marks][6 marks][4 marks][8 marks]

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