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Transcription of this question: 4.It is now mid-2019. Production of solar power systems has been going for over a year and saleshave exceeded forecasts and reached 5000 systems for the year. Profits have been reinvestedinto developing new outlets and distribution channels for solar power systems in Afghanistan.Lean production techniques have enabled AS to keep costs low, but AS has had some qualityissues: some cells produce lower quality systems than others. AS has found faults in componentsbought from suppliers. Some solar power systems have been damaged in the supply chain.Salima is thinking of instituting total quality management (TQM). She also needs to forecast salesfor 2020 but has decided the situation is not suitable for a four-part moving average.In a separate development, Doomay Foundation (DF), a multibillion-dollar charity established bythe owners of one of the world’s largest IT businesses, has approached Su. The foundation hasa major IT initiative to bring IT to schools in Afghanistan, Myanmar and Bangladesh. By forming ajoint venture, DF could use AS’s expertise and local knowledge to help solve some of the electricitysupply and IT problems in Afghanistan.The possibility of a joint venture encouraged managers and investors to think about whether ASshould grow. In response, Su decided to analyse the possibility of growth through change using aforce field analysis of AS.Table 3: Force field analysis for growth through change at ASDriving forcesSu wants to widen thescope of the socialenterpriseTeam of volunteerskeen to make evenmore of a differenceBusinesses need togrowOpportunities to betaken in other AsiancountriesOpportunities todevelop new productsClear needs for helpbeyond AfghanistanSu still feels a need tomake a differencePossibility of bringingin new ideas fromexternal recruitmentAll stakeholders shareSu’s enthusiasm forprogress so farSu’s score53223523GrowththroughchangeRestraining forcesPossible diseconomiesof scale from growingResistance to changeSu does not want toneglect AfghanistanprojectSu has already put agreat deal of financeinto the businessWorldwide economicrecession affecting HHQuality issues need tobe solved firstMight not get furtherfinancial supportToo muchresponsibility for SuExtemal recruitmentmay cause problemsSu’s score4242323The business isalready high risk2(a)(b)(c)(d)Define the term four-part moving average.With reference to AS, explain the difference between commercial marketing and socialmarketing of the solar power systems (line 53).Explain how total quality management (TQM) could help AS improve the quality of itsproducts.Using information from the case study, additional information from pages 4 and 5and appropriate business tools, discuss the value to Su of the force field analysis indeciding whether to grow through change.[2][10]

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