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Transcription of this question: 4.Healthy Start (HS)Tom Donat started Healthy Start (HS), a national chain of stores preparing and selling healthysnacks, which are produced in batches. HS’s target market is teenagers and young adults. Tomwas concerned about high levels of fast food consumption and youth unemployment. His visionstatement for HS is: “To encourage life-long healthy eating habits and to train school leavers (dropouts) in acquiring work skills”HS hires many school leavers without qualifications. Because of the valuable social service thatHS provides, an independent online media provider will feature HS in a new online reality TV showAll employees, including managers, start at the lowest level of the organizational hierarchy andtrain on the job. Job enlargement, job enrichment and intrapreneurship opportunities are available.20% of all profits earned are put back into HS to finance these opportunities. Staff turnover islower than the industry average.Competition from global fast food restaurants has intensified. Their economies of scale mean thatHS struggles to increase its market share. Online reviews indicate that some customers perceiveHS’s snacks as healthy but overpriced and with small-sized portions.Tom is considering two options:Option 1: Implement flow production. HSwill buy new technology and assign eachemployee to a specific job on the production line. HS will increase portion sizes and keepprices the same.Option 2: Implement a new social media marketing campaign linked to the new online TVshow. The campaign will focus on the health benefits of HS’s snacks.(a)(b)(c)(d)Describe one role of a vision statement for HS.Explain how the following can benefit HS:(i) job enlargement;(ii) intrapreneurship.Explain two possible economies of scale available to global fast food restaurants butnot HS.Discuss the two options that Tom is considering for HS in response to the intensecompetition.[2][2][2][10]

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