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Transcription of this question: Designer Dolls (DD)Designer Dolls (DD) is a start-up business that will create hand-crafted unique dolls usinga job/customized production method. As part of their business plan DD undertook a break-even analysis.Table 1: Forecasted figures for DD for the first year of operation(a)(b)Fixed costsVariable costs per dollPrice per dollFull productive capacityDescribe one limitation of a break-even analysis.Calculate:$10 000$30$50900 dolls0)(ii)(iii)the number of dolls that DD needs to sell to achieve a profit of (show allyour working);the capacity utilization rate at the break-even quantity for DD for the first year ofoperation (show all your working);the profit or loss in the first year if DD sells 400 dolls (show all your working).[2][2][2][2](c)Assuming that the quantity of dolls to be sold in the second year is 550 and costsremain unchanged, calculate the price per doll that DD would need to charge to make a$6500 profit[2]

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